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Getaway winter stay at the Hôtel du Hameau

Getaway winter stay: 3 Days 2 Nights

Your stay includes:

- 3 Days 2 Nightsin a single, double or triple room

- Half board formula:Dinner and Breakfast

- OneEvening Raclette


Your stayoutside School Holidays zone Bunderstand :

- 3 Days 2 nights in a single, double or triple room

- ½ board formula: dinner and breakfast

- OneEvening RacletteWhereCheese fondue

- Access tothe well-being area:Spa,Hammam,Sauna

One massage per person:

- Purifying and relaxing Duo or Solo (60 mins)

Optional: Package rlifts 2 days light space

Rates for Escapade stays at the Hôtel du Hameau.

outside school holidays in zone B

Details on room rates:

RoomSingleis occupied by 1 person.

RoomDoubleoccupied by 2 people andTripleoccupied by 3 people.

The price is inclusive of tax,   excluding the tourist tax of €1.10 per day and per person.

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