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The outdoor SPA of the Hôtel du Hameau

At the heart ofthe Hotel du Hameau,the well-being area allows you to recharge your batteries and devote a moment to your relaxation whether it is after your day of skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or, in the summer, hiking or tennis.

New this year, a great moment of relaxation by going from the

outdoor temperature with water heated to 37' with the outdoor SPA of the Hotel du Hameau.



Rates for the external SPA of the Hôtel du Hameau

- Hotel guest:  30 € per person.

- Customer outside the Hotel €50 per person.

The reception will give you yourwellness kit (bathrobe and disposable slippers), for people residing outside a bath towel will be made available to them.

photos de nuit avec éclairage bleu du spa exterieur de l'hôtel du hameau dans la station de ski du Val d'allos
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